Naama HaCohen

Naama HaCohen
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Naama HaCohen is one of the most fascinating and intriguing emerging indie singers in recent years. Her songs are inspired by her personal experience of leaving the world of Jewish Orthodox religious life; a long and challenging route in search for a place and a home in a newly discovered world. In parallel, HaCohen describes the process of coming out as a lesbian woman, revealing the complexity of her multiple forming identities.

HaCohen’s first single, ‘Kabalat Shabat’ (literally, receiving the holy day of Sabbath, a ceremony celebrated by Jews on the evening of Friday each week), describes the alienated feeling inside the closed religious community surrounding her. The difficulties in living a secret life and being forced to hide her sexual identity within the conservative society are also shown in the video clip of the song.
In the song ‘Ramat Amidar’ HaCohen skilfully describes the experience of living in the present century; the loneliness in a world without a God, in a society that cherishes the concept of family but does not guarantee security. The song is minimalist yet tremendously touching.

The song ‘LeZalman Shoshi Be’ahava’ (‘For Zalman Shoshi with Love’) was dedicated to a famous Israeli cultural icon, a transgender, and was praised by the local press. HaCohen composed the music to accompany the lyrics of ‘Ilmaleh Haroach’ (‘Were It Not for the Wind’), written by the poetess Lea Goldberg. The song was produced by Morphlexis.

HaCohen’s low and soft voice echoes artists such as Lotte Kestner, Malka Spigel and The Knife. Her fascinating singing captures the listeners‘ attention.

In addition to her musical activities, HaCohen endorses gay art and helps promote important LGBT organizations such as ‘Beit Dror’, which supports youths from all across Israel who were forced to leave their homes because of their sexual orientation.

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