17. Türchen


In unserer langen Geschichte gibt es einige Bands, die uns buchstäblich seit fast 30 Jahren die Treue halten und immer wieder im Forum auftreten. Eine davon sind Motorpsycho aus Trondheim/ Norwegen.

Hier ein Einblick in ihr Tourtagebuch vom Mai 2014:

„Bielefeld exists…

    …we have proof!

    Oh, It was nice to play here again! Great people have run this place since the Forum Enger days in the early 90s, and the vibes are as good as ever. This clubs rocks!

A very sweaty gig this too. They have an air co here, but it’s so strong that it literally freezes your brain 4 secs after having been switched on. That thing is dangerous, so we told ’em to turn it off. They did, and the result was an air humidity of 97% and almost no oxygen anywhere. This creates an almost hallucinogetic effect after a while, and moves the proceedings to a whole ‘nother ballpark. a pretty chaotic one, but a fun one!

I dunno why, but the set was more rocky than ever tonite. The Bielefelder(?) seemed to dig it though, and it felt right for the occasion, so what do I know?

Thanks for having us again, Forum – be seeing you! „