Sister Wolf

Sister Wolf
20:00 Uhr
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Eintritt: VVK: 10,- zzgl. Geb. AK: 13,-
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A fusion of music from the forest, the heavens and the depths of the ocean.
Forest creates a journey that flows between gentle melodic folk and psychedelic klezmer,
from sophisticated prog to ecstatic chanting. Inspired by shamanism, meditation, story telling and prayer – these songs seek to bond us all with love.

Orka Teppler – Vox & Songs /
Nitai Jamal Marcus – Bass, vox &Co Writer /
Eden Nir – Guitars, vox & arrangements /
Nadav Fast – Violin & vox /
Ruth Danon – Vox,Flute
Itay Kfir – Drums & Sunshine