Himmel Und Erde

23:00 – 05:00 Uhr

SVEN DOHSE (Kater/Prestige Weltweit)

ILKA (Lauschgift Kollektiv)

Sven Dohse – both legend and local hero alike.
Ask anyone located in Hamburg and Northern Germany and having embraced Techno and related
electronic club music around the mid-90s about this man and you will get rave reviews of underground
clubs, semi- or illegal festivals and legendary sets enlightening and inspiring, spreading the message of
a perfectly blended, neverending flow of 4/4 bassdrums.
Ask anyone in his new hometown Berlin, the place Sven Dohse re-located himself to in the noughties,
attending places like Ritter Butzke, Kater Holzig and the world-famous Bar 25, a place he played the
first ever record that came through their P.A aystem, or event series like Bachstelzen or Klangsucht and
you‘ll hear the stories written in the same key but with a different sound which is the new sound of Berlin
that is not only his passion but – partly – his creation as Sven Dohse is one of the cities key figures,
ever active albeit not ever in the spotlight of media attention. Dedicated to music as well politics and
charity, regularly playing charity events for a good purpose, weighing in with his name and popularity for
Not to mention big scale festivals like Fusion or Nation Of Gondwana – both of them and all of their
attendess celebrating his DJ-sets like huge homecoming fests as he‘s been involved in their history
from day dot – and international appearances in places like Stockholm, Zurich, Istanbul and all over the
With such a firm and staunch followship standing strong and worshipping his skills and vibes spread
with love and dedications whenever he‘s on the decks it‘s surely time for the next step.
And it is true that his Don Shtone track „Barcese“ being signed to the soundtrack of the highly acclaimed
Bar 25 documentary „Bar 25 – Tage Ausserhalb Der Zeit“ and his DJ-sets supporting the Bar 25
showcase tour are only the first rays of light announcing a new dawn, the rise of a new era – the era of
Prestige Weltweit.
A name carefully chosen and perfectly convenient with the cliche of the well-busy, widely travelled and
hyper-hedonistic DJ-lifestyle of today that makes „being a DJ“ not only a job option but the dream of
every kid beyond the age of 7 these days that outnumbers „being in a band“ by far.
Sven Dohse has been a part of the travelling rat pack for years, has wowed thousands and thousands
of people with massive DJ-sets and still found the time to hit knobs and machines of his studio regularly,
building a foundation for what shall be recognized as the sound of Prestige Weltweit – his own label,
a place for his very personal musical visions, his homebase and his castle, being the leading artist with
no borders to his overflowing creativity.