23:00 – 7:00 Uhr

► 23.oo: Bio Beatz eröffnet den „Saloon“ (kl. Raum)
► o1.oo: No Emotion?! *live – „Saal“ (gr. Raum)
► o2.3o: Hache: [..] „Hache held residence in Stattbad Wedding and now is part of the Rummel platform as well as a resident in its flagship Rummels Bucht, and plays often in other Berlin locations like Sisyphos, Chalet, etc… He uses Ableton Live for his live act, which allows him a bigger complexity and dynamism while performing. His Techno sets are direct, warm and groovy, with a very clear concept behind it.“
► o5.3o: Closing – Paul Vollmer