Samsara Blues Experiment

Samsara Blues Experiment
20:00 Uhr
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Eintritt: VVK: 15,- zzgl. Geb AK: 18,-
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Press reactions
“Germany’s best kept secret – Samsara Blues Experiment bring psychedelic elements incorporated
with fuzzy and bluesy bits, Samsara Blues Experiment put on a performance that’s
musically abundant and instrumentally magnificent.” (
“Now I had observed a few minutes of Samsara Blues Experiment last month at Psycho California,
but I hadn’t really had a chance to lose myself in the music. While here I couldn’t help
but fall in love. Samsara Blues Experiment are truly that, a blues experiment! It is one that is
both strangely spiritual and oftentimes refreshing. The thing is these guys are turned on to a
much bleaker reality, they understand the primal power of what they’re doing and they
channel it to put out some of the most thought provoking heavy music I’ve heard all year.
They push boundaries and they shape unique soundworlds. It’s the kind of thing that hints at
a bright future for rock and roll.” (
“These cats put on an extraordinary, mind altering MONSTER show! I cannot even put into
words how mesmerizing their set is.” (Waylon Hatchet, San Francisco)
“You may not want to return, as you have found your peace of mind through pictures and visions
shown before you in all possible ways of expression.” (Metalpaths, Greece)