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Slim Cessna's Auto Club
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In September 2016, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is releasing its new album The Commandments According to
SCAC. It has been twenty-four years since Slim Cessna parted ways with The Denver Gentlemen, that grand
progenitor of the peculiar strain of Gothic Americana unique to the Mile High City, to form Slim Cessna’s Auto
Club with a group of talented peers.
Many bands with a long and successful run like that would stick close to its roots. But rather than rest on
well-earned laurels, the Auto Club challenged itself to break with well-worn modes of operating for the new
Wallace Stenger may have captured the spirit of the west in his 1971 novel Angle of Repose. Jim Thompson
surely exposed the lurid underbelly of the Western experience. Cormac McCarthy definitely evoked the
conflicted, tortured spirit of small town life on the frontier. William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor
informed all of them with a humor and soulfulness. It is that literary tradition that imbues the harrowing and
celebratory sound and riveting stories of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. And for a full twenty years it was largely in
that realm of art that the Auto Club reveled and garnered a loyal cult following well beyond the boundaries of
The Queen City of the Plains.
But no band can be satisfied with treading the same territory that it helped to define forever. The
Commandments According to SCAC, will be the first full length album of original material released on the
Auto Club’s own imprint, SCACUNINCORPORATED.
The title evokes the themes of cosmic punishment and redemption that have served the band’s songwriting
engine so well in the past. But this set of songs sounds more hopeful and expansive, a quality that was always
there but this time out the brighter sides of the songwriting are emphasized. Hints of this saw early full-flown
expression on 2008’s Cipher and Unentitled from 2011.
With The Commandments, however, the Auto Club seems to step forward into the promise of its own
possibilities. It remains capable of the heady darkness and celebratory intensity with which it made its name.
Now that charmingly dusky and spare sound breathes with a color and delicacy of feeling that perhaps sat in
the background in times past. Maybe it’s partly due to the greater creative contributions from longtime
collaborator Rebecca Vera and The Peeler or the inclusion of upright bass player Ian O’Dougherty. But
the core of the band’s songwriting and sound is anchored firmly in the vision of Slim, Munly Munly and
Lord Dwight Pentacost.
Whatever the true source of this transformation, The Commandments According to SCAC sounds like a band
marshalling its creative inspiration to mark out a new chapter of its existence. When you get to see the Auto
Club tour following the album’s release, you’ll get to see an already mighty band reinvigorated by this new
spirit as well as by the fire that has long burned in its collective belly.