The Ramirez Brothers

The Ramirez Brothers
20:30 Uhr
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Many have already tried to describe the music that the three Ramirez Brothers create: Americana, Psycho-Punk, Power-Rockabilly… Their concerts, which have become a cult in the Tel Aviv music scene, were described as “transcendental experience”, “an evidence of the local boundaries between genres” and as “a boost of energy straight to the vain”.

The Ramirez Brothers are: Uzi Ramirez: guitar and vocals, Sefi Ramirez: trumpet and Kitkit Ramirez: Drums; three brothers from Tel Aviv.

After hundreds of shows internationally, two praised studio albums and two cover EPs (Ramirez Christmas and a compilation of Americana hit-songs One Night), The Ramirez Brothers are releasing a new album—Octopus Yoga—that in many ways summaries years of creative collaboration.

The expressive groove and freedom of improvisation is ever present in The Ramirez Brothers’ new album Octopus Yoga. The album, which was recorded in a single day, showcases the tight musical bonding between the three talented musicians, as well as the wonderful composition and writing skills of Uzi, the younger brother.

The brothers tend to collaborate with fellow musicians. In their upcoming release, the brothers have collaborated with Ruth Dolores Weiss vocals, Hod Mushonov keyboards and with Ori Winokor (Coolooloosh, Asaph Avidan and more) who was responsible for the sound and the mix of the album.