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Trace Kotik
Cub & Wolf
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formerly known as JON

Trace Kotik is a 1-7 piece band/alter ego of singer songwriter Jonathan Kotik. a dynamic ensemble kicking and hugging, energetic 1-7 musicians in a variety of variations and colors. They are the concept of „Chutzpah“ in Yiddish, only on a whole new level, Passionate alternative folk rock.

The departure of three members of the former group during the past year, in addition to the participation of Jonathan and Yotam Agam in the musicians accelrator program „Synthesizer“, has led to a process of opening up, dispersion, and the paving of a new, focused way. From this process the band was reborn as Trace (the discovery, impression, spark) Kotik, the nickname/surname of the band’s leader, Jonathan.

The new band members learn sound engineering together at Pluto Studios, record and practice at Kotik’s childhood home in Moshav Mishmeret, which was converted into a recording studio and a rehearsal space.

During their three years of activity, the band has performed in many stages and festivals such as INDNEGEV, Yearot Menashe Festival  and the International Music Showcase Festival.

This coming September, the band will embark on its first tour in Germany which will be accompanied by the launch of their debut album. The name of it will break the Guinness World Record for the longest album name in the world.

Trace Kotik is a dynamic band that is not afraid of the frequent changes in the music world, the band has taken on an adaptive form so that they will could play everywhere and in any situation.

In addition, the band documents itself in a first documentary film of its kind, documenting their efforts to reach 10 gigs at the SXSW 2020.