Valley of the sun

Valley of the sun
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For the last decade, Valley of the Sun have lit up stages across Europe and North America, dropped three albums of high-octane rock ’n roll and won over thousands of loyal fanatics along the way.

Now, they have their sights set on world domination with their most stunning album to date, The Chariot, coming summer 2022 on Ripple Music and Fuzzorama Records. A dynamic flurry of top-volume riffage, soaring melodies and furious rhythms served up Cincinnati-style with a cold beer on the side. Check out the record today and get on board, and you’ll see why everything’s more dazzling in the Valley of the Sun

are here to shake up the stoner/doom metal scene with a menacing lo fi
sound and a fresh set ideals. Somewhere between Sleep and Paradise Lost this
mysterious trio have found a pocket that is completely their own. Like a ghostly
transmission through the snowy static, Delirious Rites sees the mysterious hand of
DAEVAR reach out to grip the soul of whomever is ripe for the taking.